U-caption it (3)

IMG_4550.JPG nick_nolte

A massive multi-phased spam attack in the wee hours last night and this morning added to the natural challenges of juggling what your average work-at-home/care for kids-at-home person ordinarily faces. All of which conspired against my being able to dedicate the loving care any proper post deserves. And a cathartic one’s a brewing, I can say that much (here’s a hint as to the topic).

Meanwhile, some good clean nonsense fun. How would you caption this pair of images?

6 thoughts on “U-caption it (3)”

  1. I’m thinking that the image of a pickled Nick Nolte, side-by-side with my son, might have gone beyond the bounds of common decency. Or maybe there’s something stupefying about Nolte’s gaze? Or maybe people are transfixed by the likeness, thinking: “By god, Nolte’s the babydaddy!”

    Or maybe the gremlins ate up all the comments that came in from North America.

    Both of them.

    This here comment is just to say, I’m sorry. Last spooky celebrity mug shot on the blog.

  2. It was actually even more startling this morning in the cold light of day than when I saw it last night. So startling that it just stops my thought processes dead their tracks. Cannot think of a single thing to say.

    I wonder what new site visitors this post will bring you via Google searches.

  3. OK this is absolutely hysterical. Partially because I would never expect it from you. My captions 1. “damn my diaper stinks”. 2. “depends…”

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