Lesbian Dad

B is for Buddha

Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra, Old Sukhothai, Thailand Buddha, providing me positive role modeling since the late 1990s. This is a bona fide Polaroid transfer I did of a bona fide analog film slide I took with an actual, physical film camera in 1997, on my beloved’s and my “sweetiemoon.” (That’s

A is for About time

Girl at dusk, Berkeley, CA. “A” could be for a hundred and one things, A hundred and one things, but we have to start somewhere. Apolplectic. Amblin’. Anti-social. Agita. Anima animus. But one has to start somewhere, and so thus with About time do I start a month o’ photos, a

NaBloPo– uh oh

Fun little story about this button. So I have a bunch of these buttons, and order them periodically to keep in my pocket, and bring them to places like events or conferences or wherever I feel I might want to spread the good gospel. Give ’em to friends. Even strolled

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