Lesbian Dad

B is for Buddha

Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra, Old Sukhothai, Thailand Buddha, providing me positive role modeling since the late 1990s. This is a bona fide Polaroid transfer I did of a bona fide analog film slide I took with an actual, physical film camera in 1997, on my beloved’s and my “sweetiemoon.” (That’s

A is for About time

Girl at dusk, Berkeley, CA. “A” could be for a hundred and one things, A hundred and one things, but we have to start somewhere. Apolplectic. Amblin’. Anti-social. Agita. Anima animus. But one has to start somewhere, and so thus with About time do I start a month o’ photos, a

NaBloPo– uh oh

Fun little story about this button. So I have a bunch of these buttons, and order them periodically to keep in my pocket, and bring them to places like events or conferences or wherever I feel I might want to spread the good gospel. Give ’em to friends. Even strolled


Thanksgiving table post-repast, Berkeley, CA. We all went around my brother-in-law’s Thanksgiving table–my own brood, my dad, my mother in law, her old friend, her partner, my partner’s dad, my partner’s brother’s family and his wife’s mother–and said what we were thankful for. Many of us said we were thankful

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