Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 06.14.10


Bouncing boy, Berkeley, CA.

Baba’s Day’s coming up! For anyone casting around for a last minute gift for the Baba of their children, or what have you, here’s a gratuitous and 11th hour reminder of the poorly organized, haphazardly stocked Lesbian Dad Cafe Press shop.  If I wasn’t already angling for the accordion-playing garden gnome, I’d hint-hint-hint for some Lesbian Dad boxers, myself.

3 Responses to Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 06.14.10

  1. Heather June 14, 2010 at #

    Love that shirt!

  2. directorgrrl June 14, 2010 at #

    guess what??!!??
    i’ve got a name. came unadulterated, unprompted (honesttogod how do you prompt a 1.5 year old anyway…)

    wait for it……


  3. Lesbian Dad June 15, 2010 at #

    Yay, directorgrrl! Hey, and for the fun of it, here’s an origin story of the name “Baba,” leastwise how it came to me. Cribbed from an essay.

    And hey guess what, Heather! That catchy phrase was hatched by our donor chum. Pretty nifty. Soon’s as I make anything resembling a profit off this swag (*cough!* not likely!), he’s totally entitled to a cut. Lucky he’s a patient guy.

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