8 thoughts on “Quality assurance”

  1. I particularly like the little smoothie bit on her right shoulder. I’ve always been amazed and perplexed by kids’ ability to get food and drink on that specific part of the body. It takes special talent.

  2. What an eagle eye you have on you! Here’s the “after” picture, after she cleaned it all off with her tongue:

    (I just linked up a mini-slide show to the images, if you can’t resist the whole pictorial narrative from beginning to end.)

  3. Adorable slide show (and very cool – you are such a fancy little blogstress)! You take great pictures but, of course, it seems like you have great material 🙂

    She looks like she is completely accustomed to having her every move photographed.

  4. Many thanks. I’d have to toss the credit over to the raw material, aided & abetted by Flickr’s convenient E-Z set viewing dealie-o. I do like that so far, she’s unselfconscious about being photographed. It happens, like the picking of the nose happens. I dread the moment when she “poses” for the camera. At that point I may just have to put it down. That, or get a telephoto lens and go stealth.

  5. Thanks! Ja, youbetcha it was fun. I was lying on my back the whole time and then wangling around to get fun light with the sun. Here’s one I didn’t initially post, but I think might have been the funnest, sun-wise:

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