6 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 11.21.09”

  1. Yeah, Impy McImperson, that lil’ dickens.

    I took a bunch of pictures of him and his sister when she had fashioned an outfit out of a plastic bag. Unfortunately the outfit did not cover enough of her as to be ready for prime time. Sally Mann meets Robert Mapplethorpe, basically.

    He might have been smiling about anything by this point.

    • You and me too!

      O, how painful it was. The Mrs. gave his bangs a trim (against his very strong will: Sampson got nuthin’ on him). Then nipped a bit more here and there. Next thing you know, he looked like Rod Stewart and Edward Scissorshands’ love child, and we had to go to the barber shop. Thereafter, all entreaties to leave as much as possible somehow got heard as: Standard Boy Cut. Which he became. Standard BIG Boy. Sigh.

      Friends with older kids tell me all the skater dudes wear their hair long, so we have hope again in the future.

  2. What impossibly white surface is he stood against? There were no white services like that when I were a kid, I made sure of it 😛

    • 😉

      It’s actually a portraiture backdrop (that I rolled down from the gutter along our porch roof). The sister’s plastic bag Halloween outfit inspired the official treatment.

      True enough, if we had any white walls in our place, they wouldn’t stay that way for long!

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