Weekend bonus shot, 03.25.07

Sunday morning, Berkeley, CA.

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  1. Vikki March 26, 2007 at #

    Your son looks so grown up in this picture.

    So sweet.

  2. LesbianDad March 27, 2007 at #

    Thanks. I know: he is o so grown up. Like maybe Miguel’s age? Do you think there’s a supporting role for him in Oklahoma (to Miguel’s Curly)? Like maybe Will Parker? The beloved says “There are no small roles in theater, only small actors.” Which would be totally appropriate for him right about now.

  3. Vikki March 27, 2007 at #

    Miguel’s onto Surrey with the Fringe on Top now so maybe your wee one could just snuggle next to Miguel while he sings about taking him for a ride. That would work.

  4. LesbianDad March 27, 2007 at #

    And it would be impossibly adorable.

  5. katieschwartz March 28, 2007 at #

    you’re a beautiful photographer and those punims. plotzing. such beautiful babies.

  6. LesbianDad March 29, 2007 at #

    Thank you so much. After a quick reference to my pocket Yiddish dictionary, I can say that I totally agree. More punimish punims I have rarely seen (wish I could take credit), and the only reason I don’t plotz is that I can’t afford to, since someone would have to clean up the mess afterward, and the beloved is way too overbusy with the toddler infant thing.

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