2 thoughts on “BPWP #3”

  1. I’m loving the blurry photos! This blue, solid true blue, is a fabulous backdrop for the faerie dust real life energy of the girl on the go. AND I love the photo of your boy who is SO HAPPY on that ride! We just took our 2 1/2 yr-old to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for the first time a few weeks ago (Gay Family Day on the Boardwalk!) and she loved it madly! Same ride! She had the same fabulous expression on her face … but alack alas all we had was our silly camera phone and the image is not nearly as fun as yours. We plan to go back (who knew? I was very very hesitant to go to the Boardwalk, but through her eyes it’s FABulous).

    I just gotta say, LD tired and burned out is still pretty damn creative and inneresting! You take good care of yourself and fill ‘er up however you need to!

    • Thank. You. Thankyou. Very much appreciated.

      When we were walking past this vent, I was so struck by all the horizontal lines and the zippy contrast that I had to do what I wince whenever I do it (which is almost never! I swear!) which is ask her to go back and play around something that looked utterly gorgeous. Which she did, gladly, since we were just randomly adventuring at that point.

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