Lesbian Dad

November 30: The official end of hurricane season

(c) David Rae Morris In early September photojournalist (and friend) David Rae Morris posted a gallery of his images depicting the One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Like all his work, it is perceptive, revealing, striking, intimate. Visit the Common Ground Collective site for a sense of the work still

Funny bone

Pops’ intake form at the orthopaedist’s. Last week I took my Pops to the orthopaedist’s to figure out what’s the story with his 85-yr-old knee bones. (Q: And this relates to lesbian fatherhood how? The flip answer: I’m a lesbian; he’s my father. So there. The real answer: What I

Love rules

As seen on a bumper in Berkeley, CA. Thanks today to Dana, at Mombian, for “Seasonal Thoughts on the Evolving Family.” In it, she (as did Liza at LesbianFamily.org a few days back) ruminates on a number of contemporary reports about evolving family structures, both as a result of LGBT

I am thankful

for 10. The opportunity to awaken, and to help others do so. 9. The reminder of the preciousness of my human birth, by so many gone, so close to me. 8. The opportunity to pass on my mother’s love. 7. My mother’s love, so powerful that it propels me still,

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