Lesbian Dad

November 30: The official end of hurricane season

(c) David Rae Morris In early September photojournalist (and friend) David Rae Morris posted a gallery of his images depicting the One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Like all his work, it is perceptive, revealing, striking, intimate. Visit the Common Ground Collective site for a sense of the work still

Funny bone

Pops’ intake form at the orthopaedist’s. Last week I took my Pops to the orthopaedist’s to figure out what’s the story with his 85-yr-old knee bones. (Q: And this relates to lesbian fatherhood how? The flip answer: I’m a lesbian; he’s my father. So there. The real answer: What I

Love rules

As seen on a bumper in Berkeley, CA. Thanks today to Dana, at Mombian, for “Seasonal Thoughts on the Evolving Family.” In it, she (as did Liza at LesbianFamily.org a few days back) ruminates on a number of contemporary reports about evolving family structures, both as a result of LGBT

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