Lesbian Dad

18th of 21

A slide show of images from this morning: first in front of the California Supreme Court before and after they released their ruling upholding Proposition 8, then inside City Hall, for the press conference.

Per usual, more to say here than I have time (or, right now, energy) with which to say it.  I hope the slideshow above works for you. I’ve captioned each image separately, so if you open the link (?) and view the images directly, you can find out what was up.

I will say that the morning had one bright spot.  I saw NCLR shero Kate Kendell before the decision was released, and was able to give her a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and an “amor vincit omnia” button as some kind of good luck talisman.  Which it will be. In the long term.

Now off to the Day of Decision rally.

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