Having a wonderful time…

… wish you were here. No, really! But there’s no internet access! So you can’t be!

The beloved just closed an eight-week marathon of nearly 24 hours-a day, seven days a week theatrical productivity (boffo youth music theater production, plus she sang in a production of an opera-in-progress, oh, and she kicked it all off with a trip out of the state to sing a concert). And in an equitable, kid-filled household, all bouts of work monomania on the part of one parent are accompanied by complimentary bouts of primary kid care by the other.

Fortunately I was abetted nightly by a merry band of helpful friends, without whom I would surely have pitched myself out the window. The swing shift is by far the toughest on the parental watch – so many rings of fire to leap through: Dinner! Bath! Book reading! Tucking in with song! Et cetera! I have nooooo idea how anyone manages it when they’re outnumbered by their bairn, since the moment one kid starts to unravel, inevitably the other one goes down, too, in a fit of either sibling empathy or kidling sadism.

My chums get a multi-course thank you feastie this weekend. Meanwhile, our brood tucked away out of town for a few days at a freebie beachside hide-away (the Mother Out-Law works in mysterious ways, is all I can say). Being an urban myopic, I thought we’d find WiFi in town. But your chances of finding WiFi in town increase exponentially when there actually is a town. Guess that’s the point of getting away from it all.

My thanks to the Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law (aka the KIABIL, for the Acronym Oriented) for moderating comments in my absence. Just my luck, I actually post something that oodles of you have fun things to say to. This here ditty goes up from WiFi in a neighboring town, quick, before the beloved pulls the plug on m–

3 thoughts on “Having a wonderful time…”

  1. Time together away from it all works wonders for us.

    Enforced return to paid employ will very soon change our weekly daytime parent: child ratio to that of a riot. Seems unjust to leave all to fend for themselves in order to provide.

    Re comments: *hanging head* Now I’m caught up on sleep again, I think I spot myself- though needed a dictionary to be sure. Walt are you able to fix comments as well as posts? If so, fix away, just leave ‘brilliant, thanks!’ or your version thereof. Please use bin if needed. The toy-fixer in you will know if its beyond repair.

  2. Thank you, Robin: we did! Even if we only saw the sun when we drove inland a bit, or when we returned to the beach at sundown.

    And Chumpy, my chum: couldn’t agree more about the oddity of leaving ’em in order to procure the means to care for ’em. And yet, there we are.

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