Lesbian Dad

Having a wonderful time…

… wish you were here. No, really! But there’s no internet access! So you can’t be!

The beloved just closed an eight-week marathon of nearly 24 hours-a day, seven days a week theatrical productivity (boffo youth music theater production, plus she sang in a production of an opera-in-progress, oh, and she kicked it all off with a trip out of the state to sing a concert). And in an equitable, kid-filled household, all bouts of work monomania on the part of one parent are accompanied by complimentary bouts of primary kid care by the other.

Fortunately I was abetted nightly by a merry band of helpful friends, without whom I would surely have pitched myself out the window. The swing shift is by far the toughest on the parental watch – so many rings of fire to leap through: Dinner! Bath! Book reading! Tucking in with song! Et cetera! I have nooooo idea how anyone manages it when they’re outnumbered by their bairn, since the moment one kid starts to unravel, inevitably the other one goes down, too, in a fit of either sibling empathy or kidling sadism.

My chums get a multi-course thank you feastie this weekend. Meanwhile, our brood tucked away out of town for a few days at a freebie beachside hide-away (the Mother Out-Law works in mysterious ways, is all I can say). Being an urban myopic, I thought we’d find WiFi in town. But your chances of finding WiFi in town increase exponentially when there actually is a town. Guess that’s the point of getting away from it all.

My thanks to the Know-It-All-Brother-In-Law (aka the KIABIL, for the Acronym Oriented) for moderating comments in my absence. Just my luck, I actually post something that oodles of you have fun things to say to. This here ditty goes up from WiFi in a neighboring town, quick, before the beloved pulls the plug on m–

back up that-away
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