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Hail to Vermont!

vtpostcard Okay, so “Hail to Vermont” is no longer the official state song. But it makes a great headline today.

The great seal of Vermont reads: Freedom & Unity, both of which got just a hair truer today when the legislature overrode the governor’s veto of marriage equality. Four states down, forty-six to go.

Herewith, a smattering of links to articles:

You have got to look at the NYT piece, not just to review the mainstream media coverage, but for the photo, also carried at the Burlington Free Press article.  Compare these weeping, bespectacled grey-haired women to the image, promulgated by fundamentalist reaction to the vote, of a “sodomy squadron” “thumbing its nose at God.”  (per Pam’s piece) Hmm.  Thinking the fundamentalist reaction’s a bit off-base? Maybe?

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