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Hand writing, hand wringing

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Above, a little recent hand writing from my daughter, who cannot be stopped in her quest to render the alphabet (in no particular order) on every stationary surface she can find.  And I don’t mean “stationary” in the office supply sense of the word.    

This is not to be confused with hand wringing, which is what we all will be doing from here to March 5th, when the California Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case against Prop 8.  I’m sure you’ve heard.

If the kids weren’t likely to miss me (or rather, likely to FREAK OUT because they’d be left alone at home for hours on end in my absence), I would volunteer to spend the next month positioned behind the various chairs of the small army of NCLR, Lambda Legal, and ACLU folks, administering shoulder massages  (them, and the folks in the law offices of David C. Codell, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, and Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP).  “Latté?  You bet!  You want that foam, no foam, lowfat, nonfat, caf, decaf? In five minutes, or three?  Sir.  Ma’am.  Sir.”

These people are all working their ASSES off right now, on behalf of all of our asses. I will add, on behalf of my own ass, that it has felt very much in a sling since ’round about November 5th (you might have noticed).  So I couldn’t be more grateful for their work. 

[If you feel as grateful as I do, you could make a gift to the National Center for Lesbian Rights to help support their work this next month.]

After hearing the oral arguments — which will be live broadcast via the California Channel, and I do hope their server can handle what is sure to be a load just a tad heavier than that they get for, oh, say, the Food and Agriculture Committee meetings — the justices have ninety days to issue a ruling.  Which means we will know by the end of the first week in June at the latest.  Just in time for us to either (a) dye all our Pride outfits jet black, for what’s sure to be a march of outrage/mourning/you name it, or (b) make a run on bubble gum cigars, feather boas, and those paper extending party horns, because the LGBT Pride following such a ruling will be a celebration like no other.

California Supreme Court info page on the case is here.  Behold on that main page, if you haven’t seen them listed already in various news pieces, the range of entities filing Amicus Curiae Briefs in support of the Petitioners (that would be us). It’s a who’s who of justice lovers well-known and less-known, national and local.

 Our Family Coalition and COLAGE. CA National Organization of Women and The Feminist Majority. San Francisco La Raza Lawyers Ass’n, the Asian Pacific Americal Legal Center et al. and that “al” includes the NAACP and MALDEF (the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund). Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. Human Rights Watch, et al. 

Professors Bruce Cain (Berkeley, Political Science) and William Eskridge (Yale, Law) include references in their brief to The Federalist Papers, Hobbes’ Leviathan,  and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government.  Right fine reading, that; makes you proud to be an American.  If Obama’s election didn’t already finally do it for you.

There’s even a brief on behalf of the town in which we live:  Berkeley, et al.  People’s Republic of Berkeley, long may it wave!  Flap! March! Gesticulate! The “al” also includes the cities of Cloverdale, Davis, Fairfax, Humboldt, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Sonoma, and West Hollywood, hereafter prime family day trip destinations the lot of ’em. (“C’mon, kids, we’re going to Cloverdale today!” “What’s in Cloverdale, Baba?” “Who the hell cares, sweetie, hop in the car!”). 

Read some of these briefs, read ’em all.  I dare you not to feel a flutter in your heart about the whole quest for civil justice thing, and its long, checkered, ultimately unflagging history in this country.  You may even feel tempted to become a lawyer.  Or at least hug one.

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