Weekend bonus shot, 11.23.08


In Daddad’s lap at the diner, San Leandro, CA.

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  1. SJnky November 24, 2008 at #

    Did someone get a haircut?? =)

  2. Lesbian Dad November 24, 2008 at #

    After some kicking and screaming (his, and mine). But it has a nice Peter Tork kind of look to it, eh what?

  3. Shereen November 24, 2008 at #

    I was going to say The Beatles. And holy cow – he’s a little boy. Cue the Sunrise, Sunset.

  4. SJnky November 24, 2008 at #

    I can imagine! Ruminations to come?

    And yes – that Peter Tork picture is perfect! Does he still have any curls?

  5. Lesbian Dad November 24, 2008 at #

    Happy to report: curls still extant. Esp. post-bath, as tonight. I can’t tell you how warm and runny I feel, updating you sisters on the internets as to the state of my son’s curls. The sense of community. The love. Contarn it, the Mormon/ Catholic/ Evangelical Christian/ right wing leadership (and them what follow ’em) may want us all hung by our toenails, but by gum we love each other! THAT, they can’t vote away, no sireee.

    Did someone say cue the “Sunrise, Sunset”?

    [WhatEVER am I going to do if this “Heavenly Harpist” woman pulls her MP3s off the web? Buy one? And secure the legit rights?]

  6. Lesbian Dad November 24, 2008 at #

    Okay I can’t help it:

    Um, and for you young whippersnappers, Peter Tork is on the keyboards.

  7. directorgrrl November 24, 2008 at #

    oh good lord the monkees.
    i spent a major portion of my young lesbian life as davy jones.
    everytime i went to the beach, i made sure i sang ‘i gotta be free’ whilst walking along the shore.

    jeez what a prolifically photogenic child. ne’er a bad photo i’m guessing…

  8. SJnky November 25, 2008 at #

    I’m glad to hear that the curls remain intact — and ditto =)

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