And the beat goes on


There are still braids to be braided, after all, culture war or no.

(If you’ve got a hankering for some covers of the Sonny & Cher classic, “The Beat Goes On,” check out the cavalcade of Laugh-In coreography  in the Italian singer Mina’s version, circa 1968. This one, from All Seeing I, in 1998, did fun things with the music. But it will be the get-that-thing-off-my-hand dance move in the Mina version that will be staying with me.) 


5 thoughts on “And the beat goes on”

  1. Um, do YOU actually braid hair? If so, I think Luisa and I could use a few pointers because we’re more of the keep hair short and use product school of hair care. Yesterday, I took Z to get a haircut and she told me she wants to grow her hair to shoulder length. I’m all for her wearing her hair the way she wants but I couldn’t help but think, “OH NO! What will with DO with it?!”

  2. Pony tail is good, but braiding your daughter’s hair is better! My little girl is 24 now and one thing I miss keenly is the daily brush and braid session. When she comes to visit she humors me and lets me braid that beautiful, heavy, golden rope… I miss her every day! They grow up so fast.

  3. wow. That child will be driving soon. At least in your photographs, she’s really gone through some big changes this past year, growth wise, it seems.

    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how pronounced her donor-chum chin cleft is before.

  4. E loves t, if your 24-year-old daughter would humor me as I practiced my skills (and would promise not to scream too much if I accidentally pulled her hair in the process), then I would be only too glad to brush up on the skillz. The sassy factor of a braid (or two, or three, or five — I think our limit has been six) is unbeatable.

    And vt, I am in such agreement. This picture, in particular, really shows how much older she is now than even a month ago. And yes, too, with the DC chin. The beloved has an ever-so-mild cleft, enough to give this one some encouragement. The little brother is going to have one you could park a bike in, or whatever.

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