Lesbian Dad

20th of 20!


“I can jump on two feet! Watch!” And back and forth she galloped, all the while with the legs stiffened out in the upside-down “V”. Then she confided that she innovated this technique after discovering that she couldn’t really hop that well on one foot alone.

And o how this past month went a-galloping by. I thank you one and all for your forbearance during this month-long prose fast, though it seems I fell off the wagon an eensy, teensy bit once or twice. You try it sometime, man. It’s not easy.

Anyhoo (see what happens? I’m so out of practice now, I’m watching myself type words like “anyhoo”), I look forward to returning to my old, semi-loquacious output on Monday, just in time for Blogging for LGBT Families Day.

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