‘Night, Chicago


BlogHer/Chicago 09 Dispatch #2. Yes, it’s the view from my room, on the 31st floor in the air, thankyouverymuch. I think about Joni Mitchell’s song “The Arrangement” every time I press the button in the elevator. (Thanks to the Know It All Brother-In-Law swinging me his frequent traveller points, without which I’m pretty sure I’d be on no floor at all ‘cept a Chicago friend’s.)

2 thoughts on “‘Night, Chicago”

  1. Oh wow, that’s such a beautiful picture. I live here in Chicago, and it’s really easy to forget how huge and pretty it is. Perhaps I just need to view it from 31 floors up every once in a while. :^)

    • I know I’m just seeing the small slice of it that’s centered around this part of the downtown, but it’s beautiful. And as one who lives in an area whose #1 industry is tourism, I say that Chicago beats the pants off the SFBA in its visitor-friendliness. Never once was I confused about how to get my arse from the gate @ the airport to the El line I was looking for. Only problem was the taxi driver who took a circuitous route, but them dudes are in EveryCity, USA. My old chum who lives here says the city is huge & different all over, so I’ll find out tonight when I hang w/ her & her sweetie (the “Lesbian Uncle” to Shannon LC Cate’s kids!) tonight in Lakeview. Am expecting more Chicago area wonderfulness.

      Signed, a fan.

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