5 thoughts on “One!”

  1. oh my lord happy birthday to the cutest kid on the earth.
    we’ve barely met, but of course he has put his eye moves on me already, and i’m smitten.

  2. Thank you, pourlebebe! And dg, I gotta say I’m with you: smoutten, smooten, smutten.

    While we’re at it, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, lesbians raising sons. Geez. (A) For one, the “man-hating” thing is a grave mispronunciation: it’s pronounced misogyny hating, people. Regardless of whoever the shoe fits. And (B) More like, the fuss should be: watch out, peanut! He’s got the full force of someone lovin’ on him like he’s the first boy I ever loved! ‘Cause he is! Minus the Oedipal stuff! Plus the ability to help him master a two-seam fastball! And give him tips on pickin’ up girls (if that’s who you want to pick up). It’s an incredible deal!

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