8 thoughts on “Things you can do with a bowl”

  1. Oooooooh yeah. And I know you ain’t talkin’ about his.

    Truly, he drives me crazy nuts with love for him. Good question: don’t know how I handle the cuteness. But I think attempting to photograph it gives me something to focus on. You know, to mitigate the wooziness, etc.

    This evening he was putting a bagel on his head, kind of jaunty to the side, like a Tam o’ Shanter. I’m this close from auditioning him for David Letterman.

  2. I’m ethically opposed to arranged marriages, and completely offended when people make assumptions about an individual’s sexual preferences. And it really pisses me off even more when they assume things about the preferences a child will have when he or she grows up.

    Despite that, my wife and I want our 9 month old daughter to marry your son. He is the only baby we’ve seen who is just as gorgeous and adorable as our daughter and we love him. Can we arrange something? We’d be happy to give you some embroidered linens or handmade pottery or a cow as a dowry.

  3. Anotherothermother, (a) I choked and gagged for a while laughing so hard, and (b) I’m not sure our neighborhood is zoned for livestock as big as a cow, but the linens and the pottery seem quite practical. And if your girlie barks up the girlie tree, as it were, we do have a daughter as well. Not sure what trees she’s into yet; too early to tell. Not sure what to say if your girlie barks up the boy tree, and our boy does too. I fear we’ll lose out on the dowry thing.

    Studying Stones, thank you kindly for the props (though it’s 90% subject matter, 5% camera equipment & post-production tools, and then 5% photographer).

    I got me a Canon XT Rebel camera body when I went digital, since I liked my Canon EOS analog camera so much, and I could interchange the lenses. I sold my zoom lens to help afford the digital body, and for a long while used what I had left, which was a 24 mm fixed lens. (In analog, it had a nice, slightly photojournalistic, wide angle distortion to it, but in digital it just worked more like a 35mm lens might look in analog; brought in a lot of imagery, which I could crop in post production).

    The lens I now love to use most is a 17-40mm zoom, and it came to me on extended (open-ended) loaner. When she was diagnosed with a terminal, inoperable, rapid-moving cancer, a dear friend of a dear friend decided to pass on her photographic equipment. My dear friend, like her photo buddy Barbara, has Canon stuff, and Barbara, whom I knew and had an affection for, liked to keep up with pictures of my kiddle on this blog. After Barbara died, my friend shared what she recieved from her with me. When I look through Barbara’s lenses, I hope I enable some (abstract, ineffable) part of her to still see. Likewise I hope I perhaps may benefit from her remarkable photographic vision (I wrote about her memorial service here; here’s an online gallery of her photography).

    Last note on a reply that may be 10X longer than you might have sought. Since time is at such a premium, I usally do “post-production” in iPhoto (tweaking color saturation, exposure, sometimes brightness and sharpness, and cropping). I’ve used Photoshop on some images from time to time, and hope one day to use Adobe Lightroom instead. 🙂

    Sylvia Plachy is my she-ro.

    Thank you for asking.

  4. Anotherothermother’s sweetie chiming in here to say we would be just as pleased if the arrangement were with your daughter. Nothing wrong with older women. And association with such a lovely family would be worth a great number of linens and hours at the pottery wheel. I’m glad the cow is out of consideration, though, as the only cow around here is me, the udder mudder.

    Aren’t we lucky that you have thoughtfully produced one of each of the more common sexes, so that our Mookie has her choice. However, yes, if he insists on being “just friends” with a girl even as talented and charming as Mookie, I’m afraid the deal is off, unless we provide a boy in due course.

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