Downside: chilly coastal fog

Upside: deserted beach, but for numerous leering seagulls, scads of skittering sandpipers, and four grateful people.

2 Responses to Downside: chilly coastal fog

  1. directorgrrl November 10, 2007 at #

    RE: feast for friends who help the baba do the parenting duty.
    yes, and please also thank them for me, a small voice, perhaps a representative of those with whom mama works, as they are indeed very fortunate…

  2. LesbianDad November 14, 2007 at #

    A deep bow. Knowing what she is when onstage (I’d say riveting, but that would sound just too subjective, which I can’t actually deny I am). I am happy to aid & abet, and thank heavens I have chums that help abet my abetting.

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