A portrait of the artist as a young man

Face paint job by the artist in question, who started out with “I’m a lion! I’m a lion” (see the red underneath?) and moved on to “I have a moustache! I have a moustache!” To be filed in the growing file folder, When Baba Multitasks. Or perhaps When Monkey Embeards Herself.

4 thoughts on “A portrait of the artist as a young man”

  1. I LOVE this picture. Beautiful! If this were my child, I would have a huge print made and frame it. I don’t want to show it to J however, because he might be scared of your monkey forever more. BTW, I saw you guys leaving Music Together on Saturday. Next weekend, look out the window of the music room. If you see us in our living room window, come knock on the door if you have time.

  2. Thank you, Whitney! We will totally strafe your place after our music class. At which point it’s likely that our gal will spontaneously commence to singing all the songs again, having tired of saying nothing but “Ribbit” for the previous half an hour. Hope that doesn’t scare your J worse than the portait of her in drag.

    PS It’s Babarama again — me on all-day two-kid care — and I pulled out my handy-dandy printout from Rookie Moms “Spend a Week in Berkeley” post (Activity #355), which I found so useful I printed it out. Of course I couldn’t find it just now, to link to, so I’ll link this here round up of “Spend a Week in…” posts, for folks scattered hither and yon.

    🙂 !

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