Face as canvas

Body crayon-faced boy on swing, Berkeley, CA.

Courtesy his sister, who knows whereof she colors all over someone’s face, based on personal experimentation.  I can’t say what in the Sam Hill they were aiming for here. One version was a dog, I remember that. But it kind of took off from “dog” and headed in more of a “Dali” direction.

Feeling a bit less verbal here, a bit more photographic. For perhaps evident reasons. World’s a bit spinny lately.

3 thoughts on “Face as canvas”

    • Agreed: so many fantastic images come when you give up on anything focussed or representational. Digital photography has lowered the cost of entry (insofar as we’re no longer buying and processing roll after roll of film) and made it easier to explore. Certainly for me, who still has way more analog photographer years in me than digital. Cameraphone apps, like I used for this one: Hipstamatic (In’as 1969 “film,” John S “lens”) makes the play even easier. I can’t imagine what the pioneering early 20th c. photographers would think about what has happened to the art form, but I figure as soon as the shock wore off, they’d be having a crazy-blast.

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