11 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 06.02.07”

  1. OMG, a meeting between LesbianDad and LookyDaddy. I wish I had been there. I think it should go down in the annals of famous meetings, like the time Poe met Dickens in Philadelphia, or maybe more like the time Emiliano Zapata met Pancho Villa in Mexico City. Can I buy a one of those beer glasses as a souvenir? (You did save them, didn’t you?) Or at least a crayon?

  2. It was a heady summit, sister, let me tell you. Oliver meets Hardy. Abbot meets Costello. I was this close, actually, to purloining one of those beer glasses myself. I shoulda actually pinched a spoon at least, for all the attitude we got from the maître d’. What, they never seen underdressed cheapskates before?

  3. That guy could mine humor from a root canal. O wait, I think he did.

    You know, there was a stretch there where I actually didn’t stop laughing for at least five solid minutes. I’m not sure I’ve laughed that long and hard since an episode in high school that had mostly to do with Schlitz Malt Liquor, not with the quality of the humor.

  4. Oh, please. If you were doing any laughing, it was at yourself, as I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. After but a few hours together, I have now heard the beginnings of at least 30 separate LesbianDad stories, not a single one of them carried through to what a reasonable person might call a “conclusion.” The only way I could get you to be silent for more than 45 seconds was to invoke Lindsay Wagner.

  5. Those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing LesbianDad “in real life” have contemplated inventing a new drinking game in her honor – whenever she says “… but I digress…,” everyone has to drink! (But, as we’re not generally a truly hard-drinking crowd, and since the detours are as enjoyable as the main road, it’s just more fun to just hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride!)

  6. Okay here’s more. from Emily Almond, “Lesbians, Where Art Thou?

    I watched The Bionic Woman. Obsessively. Here was a beautiful woman who kicked ass weekly! (When she wasn’t being chloroformed or dating men who didn’t understand her.)

    I loved her so much. I would replay in my head how she talked, walked, jumped, ran, smiled. I didn’t know it, but I had fallen in love.

    So I rode my bike making bionic running sounds and lay at night in my bed, staring at my poster of Jaime in her pro-tennis days. I dreamed about how Jaime might need my help foiling an evil super-spy ring. She might need me to be the cute kid decoy while she goes around back and catches them red-handed, doing something with papers and money and briefcases while wearing plaid blazers.

    We would go back to her townhouse after a long day’s work and have Kool-aid and sit by the fire. I would watch her run her hands through her hair and she would ask me to be her partner. I would accept my badge and gun gravely and tell her that I wouldn’t let her down.

  7. Crayons, beer, LD meets LD. I would have paid for admission. You’re right, annz, none of us are up for the LesbianDad drinking game. I do, however, think she’s written her epitaph (hopefully a century in advance of its use)… but I digress.

  8. Believe it or not, I am related to the Bionic Woman by marriage, although I have never met her, not do I expect to. I think I would be speechless.

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