13 thoughts on “You know she’s ready to give birth when she pulls out the vacuum cleaner”

  1. I so heart the name of this blog. really. it’s fabulous squared. though I haven’t reproduced as of yet because I’m still on the fence about it, I am definitely a fan of the idea. to my credit, I am raising quite a splondeed hellnine of the bouvier variety. he’s a great kid. my first! I’m a hetero, but a feminist, jew broad, which has to count for something. so, my dear, I am going to read your intriguing blog of note and link to you. capisce? capisce! be well, ks

  2. Thank you, squared! Being a “hetero feminist jew broad” counts for everything! That’s like my favorite kind of person!

    Of course I first thought you were raising this kind of bouvier:

    But upon further thought I’m going to guess it’s more like this kind:

    Raising either kind, I’m sure, is a challenge far greater than managing a youngin’ or two in diapers. Many thanks again for the props. Now off to get a dose of Katie!

  3. Best of luck! I’m already looking forward to your posts about the birth, but would be remiss if I didn’t say to take care of your family and yourself first and foremost. (Though we’ll forgive any spelling errors if you choose to post at 3:00 a.m. during a feeding.)

  4. Thank you, Dana. It’s an amazing thing, this waiting for a life transition that’s essentially up to forces outside our knowing. I’m humbled and spastic all at the same time.

    Nice to know now that I can blame typos on 3:00am feedings! That “edit time stamp” feature will come in handy!

    Kidding. I totally would never think of doing such a thing. (raises eyebrows in a mysterious way)

  5. Love reading your blog! Found it through those webbie award thingies, about a week ago. My partner and I adopted a young teen about three years ago–missed all the fun little kid stuff with her. Nice to view the world fresh from that age group. Now viewing the world fresh through teen eyes and it’s an adventure!!

    Was trying to leave a comment on the post about your daughter wearing the viking helmet, er, hat. What a cutie! I think I may have to turn in my Geek card as I wasn’t able to leave a comment on that post….

    Best wishes to all!

  6. Thank you! I get the feeling the only adventure more action-packed than raising a young kid would be raising a teenager. Or trying to. I bow down in awe at your hopping on the young person conveyor belt when it’s at such a high speed! (Cue the Lucy and Ethel scene in the chocolate factory.)

    Sorry you couldn’t comment on the viking helmet, er, hat. Keep your geek card, though. Who knows what mighta went awry.

    And thanks again on the well-wishing!

  7. I’ve noticed that raising a teen requires lots of heavy, calming breaths. Especially when she says, “Next year when I get my license…”

    I’m thinking that we will NOT be celebrating her 15th birthday in October…

  8. I knew my wife was ready to give birth when she brought home lawn fertilizer (?), then cried when she read that it wasn’t ecologically sound. I have no idea what possessed her to do that.

    Good luck in these last days.

  9. Thank you, LD. Progestrogen & estrogen. Not meant to be pumped into the system in high quantities, as we all know. Makes one think of Arnold Schwartzenegger in the movie Junior, weeping in front of the TV commercial, “She’s daddy’s little girl, she’s daddy’s little girl!” And it’s not like I’m not getting a contact high over here.

    Thanks for the well-wishing. Sweet torture, it is.

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