Lesbian Dad

Are you a boy?

Our dear friends with the skirt-wearing, evening-glove bedecked, female pronoun-using son are staying over this week, before they return home to Israel, whence they came eight years ago for grad school. Though none of us in the household (counting seven of us, in our extended state) is a gender-bending boy,

We are family

GranBaba with the daughter Who’s GranBaba? My kid’s blood Gramma’s butchie lesbo sweetie, who else? I was recently asked the following: what’s your take on half siblings? other kids from the same donor.. not a part of your family.. who are such lil ppl to you.. or to lil monkey..

Jenny Holzer for the kiddles

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium: a room in which a school of fish (do I remember what kind? er, no) perpetually swim in a circle. Like the Jenny Holzer truisms that play in an endless L.E.D. stripe around the room in some of her installations. Only, well, they’re fish. Is

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