2 thoughts on “New girlie, meet old girlie”

  1. I so hope our dog will cope OK. She is such an attention hog herself! We can’t even drive the car in peace if she’s in it. She just has to try and put her head in our lap or insist on getting patted when the driver is trying to change gears. Eeeeeek! I guess that comes with being a whopping 12 years old (very old for a staffie) and having everything her own way her whole life.

  2. O, yes indeedy, the Displaced Dog issue! Our own girlie handled it well largely because she’s a bottom (we quickly found out, when we adopted another dog, now living w/ my beloved’s Dad). There’s a wealth of insight out there about introducing a new baby to the dog, all worth gathering about you no matter what, but especially if your honey is interested in being part of the gear-changing process. Yahoo!

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