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David Sifry’s take on the state of the blogosphere

Not related in any way whatsoever to the general subject area of this venue, other than the fact that it’s a blog, and Sifry (as CEO of Technorati) is an astute observer of the blogosphere. (Technorati’s gotta be okay since they flash on their homepage, from time to time, Susie Bright’s favorite blogs.)

Here’s what he has to say about the growth and the language & tagging of the blogosphere. News flash to moi: I am a major offender in the realm of “inappropriate” tagging. Clearly I am utterly disinterested in cultivating either influence or new readers. Will ponder that. Meanwhile, my only other thought is: Yegods, the sound of all of wired humanity talking at once has got to be deafening! Or symphonic! Or both!

And whoever you are, reading this right now, thank you! You could be spending your valuable time reading any one of the other 37.3 million other blogs floating around your head right this very instant!

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