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Maddow Widowers’ Support Group, open for business

mwsg When the esteemed Dr. Rachel Maddow, Ph.D. (that’s Pretty hot Dyke, for those unfamiliar with academic acronyms) blew onto the national TV scene as a commentator for MSNBC, tons of gals’ undies got all up in a wad. And I mean that in a good way.

Coast to coast and up and down the internets, the Sisters of Sappho were all: Jumpin’ Jehosephat! It’s one of us up there! And of the butchie stripe, heretofore The Gender That Dare Not Speak Its Name! (At least it dare not speak its name on the television set, and according to reports by those who watch the series, if you were to search for this in between part of the gender spectrum on even something like The L Word you would be searching a long, long, long time.) But back to Dr. Maddow: She’s smart, we all said!  Plus she’s leftie!  Plus she’s not apologetic about any of the above!  I even got a little giddy myself (exhibit A).

There was just one eeensy, teensy problem I hadn’t anticipated, in my initial glee: having one of my kind representing on the TV set meant that I got to witness my beloved watching one of my kind representing on the TV set.  (Cue sound of record player needle being scratched violently off the vinyl.)  Yeah. So when we all laugh at Dr. M’s rapier wit, the beloved laughs just a leeetle bit harder than I do. You get the idea.

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Mr. Sunshine

In a stunning break with recent trends, a little lite fare!

Well, faux lite.

I had occasion yesterday to be in a little correspondence with my New Jersey chum, the one whose pessimism makes mine look puny by comparison.  He’s Russia, I’m Lichtenstein.  This is one of many reasons to love him (like a brother!).  As coda following a rant about voter apathy/ naiveté/ complacency on the same-sex marriage topic (that is, before this past Wednesday, when so many were jolted awake), I noted this article

BEIJING — A noxious cocktail of soot, smog and toxic chemicals is blotting out the sun, fouling the lungs of millions of people and altering weather patterns in large parts of Asia, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations.

 –and said:  “Could be worse.  Could be raining.”  (Cue Marty Feldman.)

Here’s what me chum writes back:

Oh, it could always be worse. So so so much worse. All of us who grouse about unfairness would do well to remember that at times. You could be in a reeducation camp or in front of a firing squad, and I could be raising my girls as chattel. In that world, Kathryn would be just a few years away from having her genitals permanently mutilated.

Much much worse.

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Some timely borrowed content re: the alien landing we saw last night on the TV*

From Aden Nak, courtesy Tagen Goddard. Though it’s also on DailyKos.

The chart is prefaced by a cathartic rant/critique which, while it suffers from an unfortunate dip in rhetorical grace in the opening ¶, courtesy a ripple of unchecked misogyny, is peppered with some interesting insights and a nice Supreme Court case run-down.

For those of us scratching our heads and wondering what the hell just happened, and/or those of us who spent the vice presidential debate last night yelling at the TV time & again that “That wasn’t an answer! That was yet another meaningless cliché!” this does a tidy job of summing it up.


* [Addenda in the comments.]

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Up and down and round and round


Talkin’ about the economy, talkin’ about national presidential politics, talkin’ about Baba’s state of mind. Not like you needed to have this spelled out, but menopause + the current economic and political drama = wild toggling between Baba’s paired impulses to either FREAK OUT! or CALM DOWN!

Since I’m still in Work Deadline Lockdown for at least another week, I’ll flesh out the meager content here with a YouTube video whose title matches part of the post title.  (“It was weeks and weeks of Prop 8 harangues and infernal YouTube videos! I couldn’t wait ’til election day and she started to post proper essays on a range of topics again, like a normal person!”).

The infernal YouTube video below is the 1984 glam metal song “Round and Round,” by Ratt. It has no more thematic connection to today’s post than Tuesday’s Sarah Silverman – “Great Schlepp” video had to Tuesday’s. Except you could focus on this one line in the song that’s kind of cheery, when construed to be prophetic about Obama’s election: “I knew right from the begining/ that you’d end up wining.”  

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What do you give the couple who has everything?

Everything, that is, but the assurance of legal recognition?

How ’bout a nice juicy donation to the No on Proposition 8 campaign?  It’s all the rage at California weddings this season.

And for good reason.  A donation goes with anything you’re wearing. It fits fine in your already crowded kitchen cabinets because it’s actually never going to go there anyway.  And both giver and receiver know it’s the right thing.  Hmm: material possession?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Material posessions?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Should be an easy decision.  I’ll go with None Are Free ‘Til All Are Free for $50, Bob.

Above: the donation table at the (3rd, hopefully final) wedding of the nice lesbian gals across the street. Wedding (1) was their own hitchin’, pre-2004; (2) their 2004 San Francisco wedding; and (3) Sunday’s beautiful event, at which their daughter tossed flower petals and clots of kids tucked into a fruit tart decorated to look like a rainbow-flag.  

Donations to the No on 8 campaign are especially useful now that the Yes on 8 ads have hit the airwaves, with predictable scare tactics and misinformation.  Like, your children will be forced to marry their same-sex chums in kindergarten if this thing passes.  Joy of Gay S*x on the required reading list of first graders. Stuff like that.  

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