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U-caption it (3)

IMG_4550.JPG nick_nolte

A massive multi-phased spam attack in the wee hours last night and this morning added to the natural challenges of juggling what your average work-at-home/care for kids-at-home person ordinarily faces. All of which conspired against my being able to dedicate the loving care any proper post deserves. And a cathartic one’s a brewing, I can say that much (here’s a hint as to the topic).

Meanwhile, some good clean nonsense fun. How would you caption this pair of images?

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Three muses


Here’s a fun little primer on the muses (which apparently started off as three, and then became nine). If you can’t wait to noodle around and find it on your own, here’s the site’s page on the Amazons. The whole site is about women in Greek myths.

Alright, alright so these aren’t really the three muses. The artist (lil’ monkey) says this is Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother, and Rapunzel (going clockwise from upper left). FG is recognizable as the one who mugged Kate Hudson’s sunglasses from Almost Famous. Rapunzel looks like she needs to get a bit more sleep. Okay so maybe Baba is projecting.

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I like to call this “Family, as seen by Kafka”

(Or Giacometti? What is it with kids and Giacometti?)

The lil’ monkey was having her way with the white board the other morning.

She made what she called a picture of “the whole family.” Her little bro is the red one with the curly hair. Mama’s in the middle. Her head is nearly nonexistent, but oh, oh what a voluptuous body. Hmm, what’s that about? Head: irrelevant; body: fleshed out? Hmm. And Baba. Baba’s the thing that looks like a quizzical, blue, Praying Mantis. A blue Praying Mantis with movie producer Brian Grazer’s hair.

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Searchstring Friday


I may just have to make an end-of-the-month habit of this. That is, if it proves of any entertainment and/or educational value. Behold, above, the search strings that brought various bedraggled souls, possibly even YOU, dear reader, to this place.

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