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11th of 21

[Ed. note, re: post title. I’m supposedly doing a month of photo-only posts, of which this would be the 12th. I slipped.  Again.  And the danged Supreme Court hasn’t even tipped its hand yet.] Alameda parent Karie Frasch, holding a picture of her family: partner Barbara, daughters Amelia and Charolette. 

East Bay schools in right wing crosshairs

Now that the big right wing guns have been brought in and the news has spread to local television news and  the Associated Press, it’s time I posted something on the (anti)gay storm brewing in the town of my youth. I’m interested because it’s a battle over the presence of gay people

More on Alameda’s Caring Schools Curriculum

Alrighty, so this is quite the non-photo post in the midst of my photo-only post month.  Again, forgive me.  If I could have, I would have included shots of the person wearing the devil costume speaking to the Wednesday Alameda Unified School District school board, testifying as to how all

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