Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 05.07.12

Kyle’s über-glittery, disco-fabulous shoes, NCLR Anniversary Dinner, San Francisco, CA.

My fondest, or close to my fondest hope this week is that I’ll be able to wrestle some time to tell you a bit about the young man filling these. Though they may look to be no bigger than a size 6 or 7, rest assured, they are in actuality enormous.

Why? Kyle goes to high school in the Anoka-Henepin School District in the Northern (read: Michelle Bachman) suburbs of Minneapolis, the one with the cluster of eight homophobic harrassment-induced suicides in two years (a concise background here at BlogHer; a lengthy, rich piece at Rolling Stone).  Either because of or in spite of enduring withering harassment, you decide, Kyle stood with a handful of his peers to fight the “don’t say gay” policy there which helped enable the district to become a crucible for anti-gay hate.  In early March this year they won an agreement from the school district in a case argued by attorneys from National Center for Lesbian Rights.  NCLR honored him and his fellow defendants at their 35th Anniversary dinner and party last Saturday night, and make no mistake, these young people were received like the towering heroes they are.

‘Til I can wrestle the time to tell any of this in further detail, here’s the recent New York Times piece on the agreement that was reached. Below, Kyle speaks for himself in an interview posted at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s YouTube channel:

It’s Tony & Michelle vs. Kyle & his gay parents

I got the video below in my inbox this morning, and thought I’d share.  It’s from COLAGE, the organization for people with a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer parent. A nice counterpoint to the fright-&-lies video circulated by the hate group Family Research Council as an opening salvo in their war against the FAIR Education Act in California.  The fight to defend the FAIR Education Act is going to be the Prop 8 battle, Part Deux, basically: more big money bigotry pushing ballot-box backlash to a landmark win for civil rights.  Brace yourselves for another ugly election season out here in the Golden State.

But bigots aren’t the only ones who know how to operate a video camera or get a message out.  Here’s how Kyle introduces this video:

Thanks so much for watching and sharing this video about my family! I’ve heard the terrible things Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and others are saying about families like yours and mine. It’s a form of bullying, and I think one of the best ways to respond is by sharing our stories. I’m proud to have two gay dads and a lesbian mom.

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Back to School, LGBT parent version

Tomorrow’s the first day of school for the girlie, and she is so excited she can barely sleep. Baba is so determined to actually put things in the blog after both the job and the kids are in bed for the night that she is not sleeping. Barely.

IMG_4140First thing to report on is that I combed through and updated all twenty-some-odd links on the LGBT Parenting Resources page I list here at the yet-again-pulled-back-from-the-brink blog (design tweaks still ongoing, as the observant might note).  If you haven’t perused that page, please do. Or if you have a friend who is hunting down a compendium of resources, by all means send ’em there. And let me know if you think I should add more.

Next, in honor of the Back-to-School season, a half-dozen bullet-pointed resources (followed by some anecdotal commentary) that may be of help:

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Save the Children, elect Richard Pan for CA Assembly

I got an email yesterday from Chris Moore, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento.  In it, he provided an update on a tightly fought state assembly race in which the lead attorney for the Yes on Prop 8 is running. The National Organization for Marriage is in big for his campaign, and we all ought to know about it. And help support his opponent.

Here’s Chris’ piece for the California Majority Report yesterday:

National Organization for Marriage is Using Children as Political Pawns… Again.

The folks behind the divisive and hurtful Yes on Proposition 8 T.V. ads just couldn’t help themselves — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is once again using children as political pawns, but this time in an attempt to elect one of their own, Andrew Pugno, to the California State Assembly by smearing his pro-equality challenger Dr. Richard Pan. The two are facing off in a hotly contested race for Assembly District 5 in the Sacramento region.

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