Lesbian Dad


The emotional aftermath of the California Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, at least for me, has been unexpected. I have vacillated from feeling utter shock, to muted disbelief, to pride, and later still discomfort at the resussitation of an old, long-since buried vulnerability. Not at all what I would

A place at the table

Throughout high school I felt like there was a big fat party that I wasn’t invited to. Heterosexual normalcy. Dating guys, being “pretty,” being “popular,” the works. Being Not A Virgin. I felt as if I was looking through a thick Plexiglas window at something. Actually, I was. I was

Forwarded action alert from NCLR

Dear Action Alert subscriber, The last week has been amazing, historic, and emotional with gay and lesbian couples getting married throughout the state of California. Now we must do everything we can to ensure our right to marry is protected. Pride Month is in full swing across California, and the

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