Lesbian Dad

On our way

En route to San Francisco City Hall demo (May 26, 2009: CA Supreme Court ruling to uphold Prop 8).   A blast from the past. This has been such a long, tiring journey. Which of course is basically par for the course when the job at hand is to wrestle

Thought that counts

Worthwhile placebo, Berkeley, CA.   I posted this self-same picture almost a year ago, soon after I took it. His knee is bigger now, and he no longer fits those shoes. But he still believes kisses and Band-Aids contain some kind of inherent analgesic power, and until that belief is

Seven years today

E.U.P. February 27, 1995 — March 24, 2005. Above: my nephew and me, a very long time ago. Cancer; glioblastoma multiform; brain, spinal cord. About nine months from diagnosis to death. Survived by his parents and his younger brother, who at the time was the age my daughter is now.

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