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Waiting for Mama, Berkeley, CA

Mama went on a phenomenally unusual (for her) week-long meditation retreat last week.  Since she gave birth to the first of these kids, she had never taken that much time for just her, and she returned a remade woman.

We all made it through the week intact (a feat made nearly inevitable by my current status as work-at-home, self-employed Baba), but lordy did we miss her, and lordy were we happy for her to return. After a long drive from the Santa Cruz mountains, she texted us to say that she was at the local market picking up provisions. From that point onward, I couldn’t pry the kids off the porch.  And when mama finally arrived, I couldn’t pry them off of her.

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  1. Lynda M O May 25, 2013 at #

    LD, your pics and writing are so lovely, poignant and well-described. I love your family thru your blog; how can we ever thank you for sharing what is to sensitive and precious and tender with all of us ?~!

    Happy for mama, a week can make an entire new person out of a tired woman and you all have the benefits to reap for years to come. Welcome Home, Mama. Your family missed you. We were clued in by LD’s pry bar !!!

  2. Lori May 25, 2013 at #

    your porch is beautiful! 🙂

    • Lesbian Dad May 25, 2013 at #

      Thank you! (And welcome.) We lived in an attic apartment above this house for about five years, while my in-laws lived on the ground floor and were building a house in the rear (we quasi-co-house, sharing bits of mortgages, many utilities, a DSL line and all the outdoor space). For years, I used to come and sit on this porch at night and dream. It is genuinely a gift I appreciate daily, to have one a’tall from which to view the passing parade.

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