Lesbian Dad

Year in Review: LD 2012

The year 2012 in a single run-on sentence: Work, work, work, meet some great people, accomplish some things I’m really proud of, learn a lot along the way; have a little bit of family life but not nearly enough, though for the first time, pay for enrichment classes and summer camp

Christmas Lullaby

“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, performed by Mrs. Dad, eavesdropped after dinner early December 2010, our first Christmas in our newly established home. [Ed note: Once you start the video, double-clicking the image expands it to full screen, a decidedly mixed blessing since then you get more jostled by

Thought that counts

Worthwhile placebo, Berkeley, CA.   I posted this self-same picture almost a year ago, soon after I took it. His knee is bigger now, and he no longer fits those shoes. But he still believes kisses and Band-Aids contain some kind of inherent analgesic power, and until that belief is

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