Lesbian Dad



His first sentence, Hope Valley, CA.

Behold, above, my boy’s first sentence (beyond a great number of “I [heart symbol] U Baba” sentences, each of which I have kept on their various scraps of paper).  The scatological cant of this one, while a touch wince-inducing, cannot diminish my pride in his literary and comic prowess.

We are back now to civilization and our work in it, after a week in the state’s least populous county, up in the Sierra Nevada, utterly sans internet, cell phone reception, or even movies on a TV!  Folks, these places exist, and I highly recommend them for periodic purges of digital and media detritus. We were fortunate enough to be staying in a cabin its proprietors call Harmony House, situated at the eastern edge of  Hope Valley. A perfectly named spot from which to launch what we all hope will be a splendid new year.  My predictions, if it in any way resembles last year: full, busy, challenging. Also rewarding, fulfilling, and an honor to be around to be a part of.

Hope your last year ended splendidly, and that this one began full of promise.

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