His first sentence, Hope Valley, CA.

Behold, above, my boy’s first sentence (beyond a great number of “I [heart symbol] U Baba” sentences, each of which I have kept on their various scraps of paper).  The scatological cant of this one, while a touch wince-inducing, cannot diminish my pride in his literary and comic prowess.

We are back now to civilization and our work in it, after a week in the state’s least populous county, up in the Sierra Nevada, utterly sans internet, cell phone reception, or even movies on a TV!  Folks, these places exist, and I highly recommend them for periodic purges of digital and media detritus. We were fortunate enough to be staying in a cabin its proprietors call Harmony House, situated at the eastern edge of  Hope Valley. A perfectly named spot from which to launch what we all hope will be a splendid new year.  My predictions, if it in any way resembles last year: full, busy, challenging. Also rewarding, fulfilling, and an honor to be around to be a part of.

Hope your last year ended splendidly, and that this one began full of promise.

4 thoughts on “Auspicious”

  1. Your son’s sentences pretty much mirror most of my own–if not in execution, then at least in sentiment–till I was 12. Okay, 19. Fine, 25.

    All right, so I’m still stuck at “Dog go poop.” No crime there. Your son gets that, I’m sure. I can tell he and I are operating on the same plane here.

    And what game is that? It looks cool, even without the fecal content.

    • First off, hola Ande! And vilkommen!

      I’m going to just decide here & now that a little scatological humor never did anyone any harm. And if he becomes a proctologist, meh. He’ll be a doctor, and able to care for me in my dotage. I see lots of upsides.

      THAT GAME! It is coolness! Also ideal for young spellers, and in our household thanks to a dear chum, next door neighbor, and denizen of this LD comment stream, annz. It’s a ton of little plastic tiles with the alphabet on them (but nice thick kind, not cheezy; like a good poker chip). There are four sets of the alphabet, and then you basically have numerous spiffy games you can play that entail combining a pile of tiles into a word, building on words on the table, and so forth. It’s got the wordsmithery fun of Scrabble, but without the board and with many variations, simpler for newbie spellers and the freshly literate, to more complex, etc. Also it’s über-portable.

      It’s Pears in Pairs, by the makers of Bananagrams. I couldn’t find an actual Bananagrams site, but here’s the game at REI. If for whatever reason one would want to patronize Amazon over a nice, green consumer cooperative, it’s there too. Way fun!

  2. I had to suppress a little flutter of pride when I saw that sentence spelled out in those letters!

    He also could have done “GOOD POP, GO” which makes me think of cheering on your good Pops!

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