Weekend bonus shot, 04.17.11


Friends, New Orleans, LA.

Karen (l) and Jen (r), at the Mom 2.0 Summit.

3 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 04.17.11

  1. jenijen April 18, 2011 at #

    I *love* this shot, and I am so very happy that I got to see you in NOLA. We’ll always have the Club Level at the Ritz. . . sigh.

  2. Tamara Granger May 3, 2011 at #

    Polly, I guess you must be super busy…hope your family is doing fine 😀 give me cute kiddie pics pleaseeeee n__n

  3. Lesbian Dad May 5, 2011 at #

    🙂 Thank you for asking. Will do.

    I’ve picked up the camera again (set it down for like 2 months when I picked up me briefcase!). But the pictures are beginning to collect again.

    And again: thanks for asking.

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