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Well THAT sure was creepy

A brief non-photographic aside here to note that we all — or those of us checking in here from late Saturday afternoon ’til around about Sunday evening — just got taken on a nausea-inducing roller coaster ride. Thanks to the diligent efforts of various of the late night and weekend techies at my stalwart webhost, Acorn Host, this mild-mannered parenting blog is no longer host body to a cranky screed by some overseas hackers with too much time on their hands and too much bile in their — wherever it is that bile collects. In their innards.

By the way, if at any point in the future the URL that’s home to this mild-mannered parenting blog deals you out something suspiciously resembling a cranky screed by overseas hackers with too much time on their hands and too much bile in their whatever, please be assured that (a) while I might have an odd sense of humor from time to time, it is not that odd, and (b) the fine folks that host this mild-mannered parenting blog and I are working ’round the clock to fix it.

Before I return to the calm of the daily photo posting, which I will in a moment, I want to thank the half-dozen or more LD readers and friends who either shot me an email or Tweeted me that something was fishy and then kept me company while I fished the fish out. I likened the feeling, last night on Twitter, to the neighborly love you’d feel when an asteroid drops down in your front yard and folks come out in their fuzzy slippers and robes and offer you a cup of tea (spiked!) and scratch their heads alongside you as you all take in the smoldering mess. And I also want to thank the fine folk at Acorn Host for their hard work cleaning up that mess: Arthur B., Gordon M., Jane W., Phil Z., and Victor T.

I asked Jane, who was the first to graciously put some nice LD wallpaper over the mess left by the bilious biley chaps, whether she and Acorn Host’s boss Emma could share a favorite charity so’s I and any other grateful LD community member who wanted could send some appreciation. Here’s what she said:

I would be happy to share that my favorite charity is p:ear, it’s a Portland org that works with homeless youth through art. Emma’s is Village Reach — innovative last mile healthcare logistics in the developing world. Which she found through Give Well, which is a fascinating site about measuring the true impact and ethics of charities.

See why I like my web host so much? I mean, that was from my web host. At 3:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday.

I would like to invite whichever of youse are glad to see this here and not the cranky bright green scrolling rant from the bilious overseas chaps to donate something — anything! today’s latte money! better than zip! — to either p:ear (click the “donate” link at the center of the page) or Village Reach, or both (!) as a gesture of thanks to Emma’s crew at Acorn Host. I pay ’em lots more than my latte budget every month to keep this site up and running, but I’m going to send some gratitude to those orgs as a means of making a tasty lemon meringue pie out of a pile of green lemons.

Now give me a moment and I’ll get another picture up. And thanks for coming back.

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