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“Christmas Lullaby,” by Jason Robert Brown, eavesdropped after dinner last night. [Ed note: Once you start the video, double-clicking the image expands it to full screen, a decidedly mixed blessing since then you get more jostled by my improv’ed lo-tech iPhone cinematography.]

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  1. directorgrrl December 4, 2010 at #


    • Lesbian Dad December 4, 2010 at #

      I thought so too. She was kind to play an encore when I asked. First time I came in and leaned on the piano, which reverberated like a heartbeat with each step on the foot pedal.

  2. aleta robertson December 4, 2010 at #

    What kind of magic is this? Lovely mama may sit and play luscious lullaby without interruption from babies? Even diapers are still? A little mousey chirping to accompany at the end. Whoa.

    Amazing. Amazing Rockwell-ian requiem.

    Update: I showed this lovely dream of mine to my kiddos (Savannah 16 and Hugo 11) and they couldn’t remain still or quiet for ten seconds.

    How come we don’t have a piano?
    Too bad you can’t sing, Mommy.
    Phat house.
    Don’t forget Sandwich Party at our house tomorrow…and I think 7 more kids are coming…you’re gonna leave, right?
    Can you untangle my knitting?
    Can you untangle my knitting, too?

    Be still children and drink in this moment. It is pure goodness.

    • Lesbian Dad December 4, 2010 at #

      That’ll be a vision from my own future, I reckon. Aaargh, I clutch my pearls at “…you’re gonna leave, right?” Surely my future. Thank you for helping focus my appreciation of the present.

      (PS The diapered moppet’s improvised harmonizing at the end — I swear I didn’t set him up: I can’t even get him to pee into the toilet yet — was definitely a sign, though, that there are good sprites in the world working their magic alongside the naughty ones. I’m grateful they balance their visits.)

  3. annz December 6, 2010 at #

    Wow – lovely!

  4. weese December 6, 2010 at #

    i am so warmed and fuzzied.

  5. Tamara Granger March 12, 2011 at #

    New house, same old kids, same old beloved, same old love for them that keeps build up… beautiful 😀 also I finally heard the beloved’s voice…shes quite something, isn’t she? and I think the little peanut was trying to leave her a message

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