7 thoughts on “4 of 31”

  1. What kind of magic is this? Lovely mama may sit and play luscious lullaby without interruption from babies? Even diapers are still? A little mousey chirping to accompany at the end. Whoa.

    Amazing. Amazing Rockwell-ian requiem.

    Update: I showed this lovely dream of mine to my kiddos (Savannah 16 and Hugo 11) and they couldn’t remain still or quiet for ten seconds.

    How come we don’t have a piano?
    Too bad you can’t sing, Mommy.
    Phat house.
    Don’t forget Sandwich Party at our house tomorrow…and I think 7 more kids are coming…you’re gonna leave, right?
    Can you untangle my knitting?
    Can you untangle my knitting, too?

    Be still children and drink in this moment. It is pure goodness.

    • That’ll be a vision from my own future, I reckon. Aaargh, I clutch my pearls at “…you’re gonna leave, right?” Surely my future. Thank you for helping focus my appreciation of the present.

      (PS The diapered moppet’s improvised harmonizing at the end — I swear I didn’t set him up: I can’t even get him to pee into the toilet yet — was definitely a sign, though, that there are good sprites in the world working their magic alongside the naughty ones. I’m grateful they balance their visits.)

  2. New house, same old kids, same old beloved, same old love for them that keeps build up… beautiful 😀 also I finally heard the beloved’s voice…shes quite something, isn’t she? and I think the little peanut was trying to leave her a message

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