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Weekend bonus shot, 08.01.10


Sibling revelry, Berkeley, CA.

[Ed note: we’re off for an ultra-brief and ultra-necessary family getaway, at which I expect no internet access. Thereafter, I’m off to the BlogHer conference in NYC.  I expect much Twittering (brace yerself/apologies in advance), much photograph-taking, and maybe, if I can rig up the laptop in the late-night bathtub, some posting.  Depends on what kind of a night owl my BlogHer bunk-mate and ole chum Vikki is. If you’re BlogHer bound, drop me a line via the contact form here, or easier yet shout out at me via an @LesbianDad Tweet on Twitter (if you have a virtual line of communication there). I’d love to cross paths and give you a bear hug for reading this thing.

As I’ve intimated discretely from time to time, it’s been a bumpy last year here at Casa LD, so much so that I up and let the five year blogoversary of this thing just slip on by, un-noted. When I’m back in the saddle good and solid, stirrups firm around me boots, I’ll get back to noting when that would have been (months ago) and what my thoughts are on the occasion. Meanwhile, again, my continued thanks for checking in. Post-BlogHer and come fall, I expect much around the house, both figuratively and literally, to be more stable.  I value this dialog with you, gentle reader(s), more than most things in my very full, very fortunate life, and find that its quality  and frequency is a measure of a lot in my life. A canary in the gold mine, let’s call it, since no matter what’s afoot, I cannot call the travails I encounter anything other than gifts. Be grateful to everyone (and for everything) say the wise folks whose shirt tails I’m forever grasping at.

My Pops likes to remind us that “the future lies ahead.” As I have throughout this bumpy time, I anticipate that a widening of this porthole also lies ahead, this passageway through which so much love and thought and camaraderie has travelled, back and forth. Meanwhile, again, I thank you for keeping peeping.]

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