Let’s hear it for New York

So I’m off for the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city that apparently doesn’t serve Bloody Marys before noon on a Sunday morning. (Wha?)

[Incidentally, whilst I am at cruising altitude somewhere over the Great Plains, Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision in the Prop 8 trial will be released. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the issues at stake by Chris Geidner, American Foundation for Equal Rights’ sure-to-be-constantly-updated home page (they brought the suit), and a list (thanks, Dana) of community response actions planned (they’re listed along the left-hand column; most are in CA but several are out of state; additional actions are added on a rolling basis).]

I may be able to post stuff here, mostly pictures, I imagine, which could be fun. If I am capable of convincing my roomie and ole chum Vikki to post footage as she shoots it, you may even be able to visit her blog and partake of a running conference vlog from her unique point of view. With perhaps me holding the video camera now and again. NO SHOTS OF KNICKERS will be included, I hasten to note. Or, you know, she may nix the whole idea or insist on actually editing it.

Various short observations on the BlogHer conference, where I’ll be, are likely to appear in my Twitter stream. I may “live-Tweet” a talk or two, just to share the wealth with those for whom registration fees, plane fare, and several nights’ shared hotel accomodations for such a wing-ding constitute a fiscal bridge too far. It pretty much is for our family, too, but I’m just in too deep at this point to wade back. (Sorry, babe.)

6 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for New York”

  1. You’re misunderstanding the bloody mary issue: New Yorkers don’t drink before noon on Sundays because they aren’t *awake* before noon on Sundays. (Making it very easy for those of us non-natives to avoid the crowds by only sleeping until 10 or 11.)

    Have a great time! I am sorry to be missing all you wonderful people so close at hand, but the wife says my presence at our wedding reception is non-negotiable.

  2. As someone who has frequently wondered how I could possibly have drank so many bloody marys before noon, I am not exactly sure who started that rumor, but I’m pretty sure it is false. Unless I somehow missed something in the last few weeks that I haven’t brunched. But definitely makes me furrow my brow in confusion.

  3. I wish I would have read this post before this weekend, and not after. I would have loved to introduce myself to you. I’ve been reading since the beginning, but I’m a terrible commenter and it’s probably been at least a year if not more that I’ve left a comment (my work computer filter gets wonky with the WordPress sign-in). And I know our paths crossed because I spent a little time with just about everyone you mentioned.

    I thought maybe I saw you at the SparkleCorn party, but I wasn’t sure. Another thing that work filters out is your photos, and I haven’t seen one of your face in years. I should have just said hi.

    I think you’re awesome.

    Note to self for next time: Read nametags and stop waiting for people to throw their card at you.
    It’s just that there were so many people throwing cards around. Dammit.

    • Ah, ships passing in the night, day, night, day, and night again!

      Cursed work computer, filtering out like 50% of what I am trying to share with whoever will look.

      I was the sweat-bathed, ligament-straining whirling dervish at the SparkleCorn party, or at least whenever the music tended toward the funk. We’ll both have to stare at nametags better the next time. I get a bit shy about doing that what with them often swinging around about the breast level, and me not wanting to alarm anyone. I missed another gal, even when we were both Twittering back & forth during the last keynote, trying to locate one another. Amazing how possible it was to miss folks. Then again, we were a horde of 2,400.

      I do hope you’ll be at BlogHer in San Diego next year. Travel costs will be FAR easier for my family to bear and I may get my beloved to (a) come, and (b) buy a party pass and partake of some of the fun!

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