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Let’s hear it for New York

So I’m off for the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city that apparently doesn’t serve Bloody Marys before noon on a Sunday morning. (Wha?)

[Incidentally, whilst I am at cruising altitude somewhere over the Great Plains, Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision in the Prop 8 trial will be released. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the issues at stake by Chris Geidner, American Foundation for Equal Rights’ sure-to-be-constantly-updated home page (they brought the suit), and a list (thanks, Dana) of community response actions planned (they’re listed along the left-hand column; most are in CA but several are out of state; additional actions are added on a rolling basis).]

I may be able to post stuff here, mostly pictures, I imagine, which could be fun. If I am capable of convincing my roomie and ole chum Vikki to post footage as she shoots it, you may even be able to visit her blog and partake of a running conference vlog from her unique point of view. With perhaps me holding the video camera now and again. NO SHOTS OF KNICKERS will be included, I hasten to note. Or, you know, she may nix the whole idea or insist on actually editing it.

Various short observations on the BlogHer conference, where I’ll be, are likely to appear in my Twitter stream. I may “live-Tweet” a talk or two, just to share the wealth with those for whom registration fees, plane fare, and several nights’ shared hotel accomodations for such a wing-ding constitute a fiscal bridge too far. It pretty much is for our family, too, but I’m just in too deep at this point to wade back. (Sorry, babe.)

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