Lesbian Dad

Family tree

Pops, indicating the height of the trees when his dad planted them 70 years ago. In my recent, breezy, Twitter-length series of As to some Qs about lesbian fatherhood, I wrote: “My dad is one of the beacons of love in my life.”  True story.  One of his most oft-repeated

Well b-low me down

Daggone! Enough of y’all meandered over to the Bloggies website to vote this thing in as best glbt weblog! I would like also to thank whichever mysterious nominator(s) tossed my well-worn baseball cap into the ring in the first place, and whichever Bloggie finalist-winnowing committee people plucked this blog out

Weekend bonus shot, Monday edition: 03.01.10

Kid’s baseball card photo/talisman, Berkeley, CA. Had to wait ’til Monday, since over the weekend the spirits flagged too much. Kept looking at pictures of pictures of my nephew, who would have turned 15 on Saturday. Couldn’t post a picture of anything other than him, but then couldn’t really post

back up that-away
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