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Weekend bonus shot, 10.17.09


T-shirt, Old Sacramento, CA.

“A bit frontal,” my playwright mother-in-law might say.

This t-shirt jumped out at me when we were strolling around between our visit to the train museum last weekend and our train trip back home. “Jumped out” because (a) it scared the bejeepers out of me, and (b) once the fright subsided, I thought: “Yep.”

Rather than kvetch in a generalized fashion (and heaven knows I could), I will stick to the “beat” of this blog and simply note that WOW has the jump to Kindergarten been a big one! And not for the fresh Kindergartener herself, I hasten to note.  After the requisite patches of turbulence, she’s doing just fine.  It’s her parents who, when the dust settles at the end of the evening, find themselves legs akimbo, using one or more of the past week’s half-read missives from the school as fans.

I wish I had the time or means to detail it all further, but I can’t right now. For further illustration I refer you to the photo above.

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