Weekend bonus shot, 06.06.09


At the playground, Berkeley, CA.

We pick up the older cousins weekly at their nearby elementary school (probably the A#1 benefit of co-housing with the in-laws: the childcare swaps ROCK).  This day, after picking up the girl cousin we went up to play at the big kids’ playground.  It was quiet and toddler-friendly. I even managed to keep my cool when the little ones climbed high on the play structure.

Thank heavens the little guy’s internal sense of his limits aren’t way off my own, very risk-intolerant ones. Not for long, I know. But for the moment, I’m grateful.

4 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 06.06.09”

  1. Thanks! And yes, it is non other than YOUR Ricoh! (Thanks for the loaner while the SLR is down for the count!) I’m amazed at how wide the 24 mm angle feels even before the 19mm wide angle attachment goes on.

    This one is with the 19mm wide angle on it, but because it’s not hyper close up, the familiar wide angle distortion isn’t as evident as it nearly is with the image of the peanut above.

    En route to SF City Hall

    Folks interested in looking at other Flickr images with this type of camera can look here. It’s an amazing little contraption, and not just because my friend baptized it on a trip to Nepal. It’s really so extremely portable that it’s very easy to bring times & places you might otherwise not want to haul a bigger camera. In my case, not so much Nepal, but the neighborhood playground when I’ve got a stroller & three kids to manage.

    Everyone should have a friend like annz near to hand when their exhausted overused 4 yr old digital SLR goes kablooie.

  2. Love to hear the two of you talk techie!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs. I agree, everyone should have someone like annz near. I am happy to say I DO for the moment! She is a goddess.

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