Lesbian Dad

Post-dinner dance party

A tradition nearly as steadfast as the bath and the books n’ milk that follows it. Emma Goldman is commonly thought to have said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.”  But she didn’t.  It seems a feminist legend from a coupla generations later, Alix

Date night vignette

On our recent date night, the beloved and I managed yet again to defy innovation, walking to the exact same downtown beer garden as we did the last date night, ordering the exact same thing we had the last time, and going to see a movie. Pretty much just like

Weekend bonus shot, 06.06.09

At the playground, Berkeley, CA. We pick up the older cousins weekly at their nearby elementary school (probably the A#1 benefit of co-housing with the in-laws: the childcare swaps ROCK).  This day, after picking up the girl cousin we went up to play at the big kids’ playground.  It was

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