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Fairy wings

There is no way to gently ease into a sentence like this so I will merely plunge in and say that early Wednesday morning last week, I heard the news that a dear, old friend had suddenly, unexpectedly, died.  No warning; no cause of death found; simply the fact of

A Baba’s Day pictorial

Herewith, this year’s Baba’s Day — not all of it, but much of its highlights — in 20 (!) pictures. With a few explanatory/riffy captions beneath each one. [For posterity, I should note that a coupla years back I made a Baba’s Day proclamation, which holds true for this year

Block party!

Under what circumstances would a jumpy Baba happily let her son run smack down the middle of the street? Block party! Yes, Baba’s Day was all I might have wanted it to have been. That and more, on which I will expound later. Meanwhile, predating Baba’s Day this weekend was:

back up that-away
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