Lesbian Dad

“If they know us, they don’t vote against us.”

So said Harvey Milk.  Decades later, poll after poll (here’s the most recent one at Gallup) confirms this. Respondents’ positions on gay civil equality issues are hugely different when they actually know the LGBT people in their families and their lives. Sure, a surprising number continue to justify withholding constitutional

I could eat him up with a spoon

Just a split-second in the bath, in between bouts of his being fairly unhappy about the shampoo. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this boy makes me crazy with love for him. The must bite a chunk out of him while making growly animal sounds kind of love.

Witless Wednesday

I got so tired of seeing t-shirts that proclaimed, from the standpoint of the kid, that the kid believed something (cool, or politically in line with the parents, etc.) — even stuff that I believed in! hell, I’ve stuck my kid in ’em! — that I went out and made

back up that-away
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