Block party!


Under what circumstances would a jumpy Baba happily let her son run smack down the middle of the street? Block party!

Yes, Baba’s Day was all I might have wanted it to have been. That and more, on which I will expound later.

Meanwhile, predating Baba’s Day this weekend was: Block Party!  We have some neighbors who, once they found how easy it was to block off the street ($15 and an affable city functionary who always seems to go: “Sure!”), couldn’t stop doing it. They’re moving soon, and I think one of the main criteria for their replacements needs to be a propensity to block car traffic from the street and encourage neighbors to exit their houses and get to know one another (again).

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  1. It’s called a street committee where we live: new year’s cocktail, cleaning day, neighbours’ day, street party, and christmas trees and lights.
    All in a year’s work… and the city blocks the traffic for us. Why don’t you try launching the idea? Maybe the city will even fund you, like it does us?
    Free beer for every occasion and always a budget.

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