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Swirling around behind the café, Berkeley, CA.

Last year at this time, I went on a month-long prose diet and posted nothing but pictures.  Sure, I sprinkled a little text in here and there.  But the object was to stick to images, and cut down on the words for a while.  I needed to clear some time for my paid day job work, and I could use that this year, too.  But the time away also pays other dividends: last May, the photo-only time gave me a chance to step back a little and see what it was I could and should be doing on and with this blog; I refreshed and refocussed. I hope the same for this May.

You can blame Looky, Daddy! He gave me the idea, and does it in February.

May is unlikely to be a dull news month. Maine [added later, upon michaela’s crisp reminder! how could I have spaced it!], New Hampshire and New York may become the fifth and sixth states in the union to legalize same-sex marriage (poor CA has the ol’ Barry Bonds asterisk).  And the California Supreme Court’s pending decision on Prop 8’s validity is hanging over us all like the contarn Sword of Damocles.  When it drops is anybody’s guess. The Supes might want to sit around and wait for the better part of the Northeast to legalize gay marriage first, and for more news outlets to pick up and digest the significance of the recent Times/CBS and Post/ABC polls showing a majority supporting same-sex marriage.

(This of course is my fantasy scenario: one — just one! that’s all that’s needed, in my fantasy scenario — fence-sitting justice who can’t ignore the proverbial “alligator in the bathtub,” the majoritarian hue and cry, and is waiting to feel as if the momentum of popular opinion is so clearly on the side of justice for LGBT people on this one, that s/he won’t actually be recalled at the earliest opportunity. Seems like I’m not so far off from Kate Kendell on this.)

Or they may get all sentimental and announce their  ruling on or near the one year anniversary of their ruling last year. If so, Thursday, May 14 would be the day before last year’s announcement; they announce rulings on Mondays and Thursdays, with notice on a Friday or a Wednesday at 10am.

The last possible day to announce would be Monday, June 1.  Who knows. Maybe they’re procrastinators.

At any rate, chances are likely that I’ll interrupt the month of quiet at some point to either fulminate or celebrate. Bracing for fulminate.  Of course I could just be speechless, in which case this whole prose diet thing will work fine.

I’ll be saving up vignettes and ideas and whatnot for a return to prose posting again on June 1st, which will be Blogging for LGBT Families Day,  Dana’s annual, group-authored love letter to our families.  ‘Til then, I’ll do like I did last year:  I’ll post a picture every day of the work week, and a Weekend Bonus Shot black & white jobbie on the weekends.  The only thing different this year is that I am now sucked into the Twitter vacuum (Twitteruum? Vaccer?). So  I may Tweet just an eensy, teensy, itty bit.


4 thoughts on “1st of 21”

  1. Dood, you forgot to mention Maine, where the state Senate passed a marriage equality bill yesterday! House support is all but guaranteed, and we’re crossing fingers that the guv will sign it rather then send to veto.

  2. Holy cr@p! Sorry! Lemme fix that.

    Y’all people up there in New England are just burning so much rubber on the road to equality that I couldn’t see straight (!) for all the smoke!

    (What do you think about the gov? What’s with the posturing? Did you see the Queerty piece?)

  3. Ugh, and by “send to veto” I meant “send to referendum.”

    I dunno about the guv. He is a kinda plain vanilla guy who hasn’t really distinguished himself, imho. Like many in the state Senate, he seems to be waiting to see which way the political winds blow (ie, if the public *seems* to support the bill, then he’ll sign). But what do I know — I live in an insanely gay-friendly neighborhood in the liberal half of the state.

    • This is neither here nor there, but I sang with the Rhode Island Feminist Chorus in the UU church in Portland back in ’89 (!) as a fundraiser for Portland Pride. A very warm reception, even though it was in the middle of winter. Ayup. Good luck to you all, and mind you prepare for the voter recall anschluss to come, ’cause it seems it will. Or so said one of the Queerty commenters from thereabouts. What do I know?

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