You read me! You really read me!*

LezziewinnerThank you one and all for bestowing up on this humble assemblage of Lesbo Bon Mots the honor of Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog 2008! Last year a bride’s maid, this year a bride! Last year a GROOMSMAN, this year a groom!

I must say that while I have great respect for the other finalist blogs, Irreverent Mother and Up Popped a Fox, and while the thought of trying to trounce an old chum (that would be the sly Fox) made me roil around in personal turmoil, still, I tried, witnessed by my plugging the votevotevote jobbie at the base of every post (got that nifty idea from Bilerico, by the way, in their last Weblog Awards competition).  It’s because this honor among folks in this community matters so much.

I been working at this online writing fairly steadily for coming on three years.  It began as a quiet conversation with myself and whoever might listen in and help me figure out how the hell to be a parent when there were no models for the someone in between I felt myself to be.  Over time, the conversations on this blog have become the place I have found some of the most invaluable camaraderie, advice, corroboration, and moral support, both as a parent and as a citizen.  More important, I have come to hope (and often see) that others have have been able to find something like this here, too.

Any of us who put our stories out there are helping others feel less alone.  That’s the number one benefit of this medium. It’s so easy to put your stories out there, so easy to find them.  Relatively speaking.  (Go to to find a ton more.)  You find someone going through something you’re going through, and even though they’re not next door, they’re somewhere.  And you become a measure less alone.  You can laugh together, ponder together, argue with one another, commiserate.  For this to be happening among fellow lesbian parents and our friends and family — well.  It totally rewards all the effort I’ve put into this jobbie.

These sorts of awards dealies, when done in a mutually respectful community, enable us to get to know other peoples’ writings and worlds a bit more, as Lori Hahn so rightly said before it all began.  It also helps motivate those of us in the fray to write a little better, work a little harder to do whatever unique thing we’re doing with our blogs, for the duration of the voting.

For this motivation I thank Kelly Leszczynski and her crew at The Lesbian Lifestyle.  I think a lot of us nominees worked hard, and several pulled out the stops.  And for the honor of enough of you-alls clicking that link and winning us this, I will thank you right now this-a-way, and hope to continue to thank you with an invigorated sense of purpose.

*In my haste to post this morning, (partially egged on, it must be said, even though it looks totally cheesy to blame the kid but daggone it it’s the truth, by a croupy kid who needed to get to the doctor’s), I neglected to be more thoroughly diplomatic and note the winners in each category.  Now back from the doctor/pharmacist and comforted by a napping, less wheezing boy, I have the leisure to note them below.  Winners are BOLDED IN RED, below. Of particular note are the posts today from Grace the Spot, who collectively nearly burst blood vessels in their eyeballs to eke out a win against Dorothy Snarker, Dorothy herself, for her gracious winnerdom and her generosity in celebrating the win with a “dance-off” (must see to comprehend), and Up Popped a Fox, who, in the eleventh hour of the voting, posted a teaser for an original Peeps epic she’s working on.  Also must be seen to be comprehended.






50 and Over:

Gender Bender:

Sex/Short Story/Erotica:

Blog of the Year:

  • Dorothy Surrenders (see above)
  • Grace the Spot (see above)
  • Up Popped a Fox (see above)

11 thoughts on “You read me! You really read me!*”

  1. All those things you say about blogging are so true. Yours was one of the first genderqueer-ish blogs I ever found, and it felt so comforting to know I was not alone. Maybe all other aspects of our lives are totally different, but that doesn’t matter; I’ve learned a lot about parenting from you.

    Thanks for writing; I know it takes time, effort and not a little courage.


    PS: “Last year a bride’s maid, this year a bride!” — I thought you’d be a groom, not a bride! 🙂 (or is the blog the bride?)

  2. we really do read you for sure. i’ve got you in my feed reader and appreciate all the effort and time you put into your site. Hope this award is good motivation to keep on trucking knowing you have a loyal fan club!

  3. Thank you so much, genderkid. That one thing — the helping others not feel alone — is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY rewarding of all the time and effort (all the falling asleep at the keyboard, even all the irritating the significant other that I’m compelled to do this first, and the dishes second. or third. or only when she begins to whimper.)

    And I have to say: the challenge of writing some of the parenthood into this space has definitely made me a more thoughtful parent, if not a better one. And reflecting on what others say back has done the same. The report of my two kids, once they’re old enough to provide reflections on my parenting, will be the major test. [munch munch munch on the fingernails]

    I SO would be a groom! Why didn’t I think of that before I hauled out that old chestnut! Will make quick work of it now! Many thanks!

  4. Kimi, thanks. Motivation and morale-boosting were very, very much appreciated about now. I know it’s getting repetitive, but really, so many of us who put our souls into the battle against Prop 8 in CA got those souls sucked out of us. And it has been taking a very, very long time to rejuvinate.

    The support of those of you folks either elsewhere in the US, or in enlightened places like, oh, Canada (!) has been extremely cheering. And for me personally, and for my work on this blog, this recognition is a major motivator. Wind in my sails, which were — what’s the term? — luffing up the wazoo.

  5. I’m not surprised in the least. Your blog inspires me, some straight as nails chick. Well, maybe not that straight, but you know.

    Congrats on the well-deserved, if not totally DUH! recognition. Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.

  6. Vikki, it’s a pleasure to joust with you. Especially since it entails mostly jesting with you. You are beloved by many, for very good reason.

    Ms. Chu, w00t on back atcha! You gals deserve a rest now. But not too long.

    Lunchbuckets darn tootin’ I feel special! Given how suspicious I am of websites that want my personal info, I am very grateful for anyone that hurls them and their private bits over that barrier to chat here. But, we must admit, it keeps things nice and civil.

    Speaking of civility. Mr Lady, many many thanks: you are equally inspirational. I will not vouch for the nails, though. I will, however, give us all a be-wigged, nembutal-dipped Sinead O’Connor. Stay to the last few seconds and you will be rewarded by a statment of ACT UP’s that will probably never lose its relevance.

  7. I’m sure I had something witty to say yesterday when I opened this comment window, but it has since escaped my brain in the ensuing daily chaos. Regardless, the point was just to say “Congratulations!” on the win and good job to everyone who was nominated.

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