Help is on the way

A long overdue site rehab is now getting underway in earnest. LD has needed sprucing for a while, but the Great Spam Attack of ’08, plus the intercession of an angelic friend, has got the boulder moving.

Any preferences? I mean, you people are the ones who’ll notice the most. (The Reader Survey was essentially about content; this question here is about form & detailing.) Can’t promise we’ll be able to accommodate every suggestion, but I’d love to know what would make your experience here smoother and clearer. Bells. Whistles. Things you like on other blogs but don’t see here. Etc. The suggestion box is now open.

8 thoughts on “Help is on the way”

  1. Hey, I love your blog – can’t remember how I found it exactly, maybe through Mombian. I read it in an RSS feed and would love it if the pictures and full text of the posts were included in the feed.

  2. Check! I just fixed so that full text goes into the feed (I think). Don’t know if that includes the pictures. Am that much of an ignoramus. Let’s keep this help ticket open for a bit longer.

    Oh, hey! Thank you, and welcome!

  3. Eh? Speak up, honey, I can’t hear you.

    Actually, though. Safari, which is what I use, has a nifty little toggle where you can up the font size on any page (so long as the body text is accessible, which this text is). So it’s good to remember (and design for the fact) that not every browser has that feature.

  4. Hei, that s great, being able to read the whole text and see the picture in the rss feed!

    What I like about this blog is its simplicity. I get all confused when a page consists of like ten different colours and lots of adds and blinky stuff. So I kind of hope you ll leave it as it is (apart from those really good changes, of course;-)

  5. Amen! The clean lines and easy navigation are part of what makes LD a delight to peruse. Maybe you should have a ‘best of’ picture file, as well as a ‘best of’ essay file. Cause you’ve got some beauty pictures, eh? (There, I threw in a little pointless humorous Canadianism for you).

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